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Getting Started with Team-Based Learning

Getting Started With Team-Based LearningThis book is written for anyone who interested in learning more about Team-Based Learning (TBL). Whether you are searching for a better way to help your student learn or want to reinvigorate your teaching, TBL can be the answer. This book will get you started with TBL right.

The book is written by five authors who use TBL in their teaching and who are internationally recognized as mentors and trainers of faculty making the switch to TBL. The book also presents the tips and insights from interviews with 46 faculty members from around the world who have adopted the TBL teaching method.

TBL is a uniquely powerful form of small group learning. It harnesses the power of teams and social learning with accountability structures and instructional sequences. This book provides the guidance, from first principles to more advanced examples of practice, together with concrete advice, suggestions, and tips to help you succeed in the TBL classroom. This book will help you understand what TBL is and why it is so powerful. You will find what you need to plan, build, implement, and use TBL effectively. This book will appeal to both the novice and the expert TBL teacher.

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