Start with Backwards Design

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.08.35 AMUsing Backward Design is essential to developing a good TBL module. First, we need to consider “what I want the students to be able to do” by the end of the module or course, then “how will I know they can do it”, then “what opportunities do I need to provide to help them succeed”. Dee Fink in his wonderful book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences, reminds us that we must ensure that these three aspects of our course design – Learning Goals, Feedback and Assessment, Teaching and Learning Activities – are well integrated and mutually reinforcing. We need to develop assessable culminating student performances, in which students can show us all they have learned, and we need to develop teaching strategies that give students the learning opportunities to prepare them to show us all they have learned in a culminating performance.

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