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optimize_logoBuild your first TBL module in just 2 weeks!

I have designed an online course you can take from Optimize Learning to help you get started with Team-Based Learning. It is appropriate for anyone wanting to get started with Team-Based Learning and designing your first TBL course. The Getting Started with Team-Based Learning online course focuses on using the principles of Team-Based Learning to design a course experience that focuses on helping students learn how to apply and use course concepts to solve problems, rather than remember the “facts” for the test. The TBL principles developed by Larry Michaelsen can be applied to any course regardless of subject matter or class size.

The online course is two weeks in length, you will not have time to design an entire course, but by the end you will have:

  • Designed a single well-integrated TBL module
  • Developed module-level outcomes, module activities, and student preparation materials and activities.
  • Developed team formation and peer evaluation plan.
  • Considered possible challenges you might face as you deliver your TBL course.

“Getting Started with Team-Based Learning” is a facilitated online workshop designed to be completed over two weeks. Participants can expect to spend a total of about 16-20 hours completing workshop lessons and activities. The course includes multiple opportunities for interaction and feedback from an experienced coach and other course participants. Active participation is required and specific due dates must be met.  It’s a fast-paced workshop so we advise that you closely follow the suggested schedule for completing workshop activities.

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