TBL 101 workshop – caught on tape

These videos are from a TBL 101 workshop in November 2012 at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada

I used my standard TBL 101 materials in this workshop. They are available on my Workshop Materials page.

Workshop Introduction

Introduction to TBL, some stories of TBL success and stories of
TBL at the University of British Columbia over the last 12 years
in over 40 TBL courses.


Forming Teams

In this segment you will learn how to form diverse teams for TBL quickly and efficiently
right in your class, right in front of your students by simply asking a few demographic-like
questions and forming an ordered line and counting off.


.each stage

Readiness Assurance Process

The next stage is getting students to come to class prepared. This is achieved in
TBL by using the Readiness Assurance Process – In this segment faculty are in the
role of student – they do the reading, they then do the individual test, and
then get ready for team scratch off (IF-AT) card test


Why the Team Test is Important

This segment reviews why the Readiness Assurance process is so important and the
unique opportunities there are for learning at each different stage. 



Team Decision Task 1

First chance for faculty in role of student to experience simultaneous reporting.
Tasking students with problem > Intra-team discussion > public simultaneous reporting >
Inter-team discussion and facilitation by instructor. Followed meta-level
examination and discussion about process.


Team Decision Task 2

Second 4S activity – reporting and discussion.
Answers to specific questions about how would this apply to my course?


TBL – getting started well and avoiding common mistakes

Closure, summary and some words of advice on how to get started well!