Fees & Logistics


Daily rate is $2000 USD.

Half day workshops are priced at $800 USD.


The hosting institution also pays all expenses, including travel costs (flights and cabs), hotel costs, food, and incidentals.


For this fee, I will facilitate workshops and be available for private consultations. I will provide electronic copies of documents for local printing prior to workshop. I will provide the necessary workshop supplies including voting cards, team folders, team number table signs, and scratch cards (IF-ATs). Here is my standard workshop contract. Here is the NAFTA information document I create each time for US customs.

Note for American Universities (paying a Canadian)

There are 2 United States tax forms required to pay a Canadian (both are completed upon request by Jim and provided to University). First the W-8BEN- Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding is completed by workshop facilitator (Jim). Most University have difficulty with a Canadians’ lack of a Taxpayer Identification Number. This lack of an ITIN is addressed using a second form, the 8233 – Exemption for Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Non-Resident Alien. The 8233 is completed by the workshop facilitator (Jim).The 8233 legally releases the University’s from the need to withhold taxes, since taxes will be paid in Canada. The 8233 acknowledges Article VII (1) Convention between Canada and the United States with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital. If the University still feels it necessary to withhold taxes, the daily fee becomes the NET fee and the actual fee must be increased to cover the withholding amount.

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